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Springdale Labradoodles Puppy Selection Process

Springdale Labradoodles Puppy matching occurs at 7 weeks old. We reserve the right to hold back any puppy(s) for the betterment of the breed/our program.  Based on your application responses, your family bio and information collected during our phone interview, we will match you with puppies whose personalities/temperaments best match your family, taking into consideration your other preferences such as color and gender.

We want our puppies and their new families to have the best chances for success!

If your family lives a quiet and reserved life, you aren’t going to be happy with the most playful puppy in the litter regardless of gender or color. If you enjoy adventures, you aren’t going to enjoy a reserved puppy, regardless of gender or color. We will know the personalities well by 7 weeks old and we will aim to meet all your personal preferences for you the very best we can. If that does not happen in your offered litter, you are welcome to defer and move to another litter without losing your $500 reservation fee.